Reporting & Transparency

UN: Long-term investment vital for achieving sustainability goals

Report warns corporates against short-termist backers, helping build the case for an ESG-attuned private equity

Green finance push marred by corporate opacity

One-in-two investors polled for HSBC worldwide rue low climate disclosure by companies

Super software solutions

Emerging software solutions created by private equity professionals could see the industry’s major hurdles quickly removed

Private equity firms’ day on the big stage

Complexities of annual general meetings have increased as private equity has grown

Crash Course: Is private equity ready for choppy waters?

Have lessons from 2008 been remembered well enough to protect the industry from the next downturn?

New AI tool for spotting regulatory conflicts launches

Waymark Tech’s new tool identifies crossovers and conflicts between various regulations

Swedish Church Pension’s SRI policy challenges PE investing

Kyrkans Penionskassa’s new sustainability policy could make it more difficult to invest in private equity

The (imaginary) loft extension: secrets of subscription lines

What are the ultimate ramifications of borrowing against future capital calls?

Size matters in private equity fundraising, report finds

Adveq and London Business School research finds size critical to fundraising

Private eye: technology unlocks private equity for private investors

New technologies will unlock the swelling pool of private wealth wanting to access PE

Raising the bar: reflections on ILPA template

Shashi S and David AA Ross of Viteos Fund Services reflect on the ILPA reporting initiative and propose technological solutions for tackling the new challenge

ILPA CEO Peter Freire steps down

CEO leaves industry group the Institutional Limited Partners Association

Ipreo and Hamilton Lane launch reporting tool

Ipreo and Hamilton Lane have launched Private Market Connect – a joint venture aimed at solving the information communication inefficiencies between GPs and LPs.

Transparency increasingly important but lacks best practice

New study finds transparency has gained importance since financial crisis but best practice has yet to emerge

Bid to boost ESG allocations boon for PE

BNP Paribas survey shows GPs investing in ESG plan to double efforts

A compliant state of mind

As regulators continue to tighten their grip on private equity, encouraging a culture of compliance is gaining popularity

ESG: fad or future?

Private equity practicioners are questioning whether ESG has a positive impact on returns

Crisis communications: navigating a media storm

Reputations are at stake when a portfolio company is struck by crisis