Reporting & Transparency

The week’s ESG briefing

Nov 17: EU consults on fiduciary duties, investors move on climate disclosure, UN’s green finance blueprint

Meeting the challenge of managing multiple investors

Connection Capital’s Claire Madden believes a nuanced and dynamic approach is key to communicating effectively to a large investor base

The week’s ESG briefing

Nov 10: UN climate talks, ESG’s future, mapping green risks, the tax conundrum

The week’s ESG briefing

Nov 2: Sustainability roadmaps, LPs’ ESG doubts, the price of fake news, the momentum around gender-focused PE

Waking up to climate change: day-to-day considerations

Climate change risk adds to increasing reporting requirements

Climate change risk up reporting requirements

BRIEFING: Fee transparency and validation

An overview of The Drawdown’s recent Breakfast Briefing, discussing fee validation and transparency

Highlights from recent breakfast briefing event

The week’s ESG in brief

Latest round-up looking at private equity’s ESG potential, corporate and LP progress, as well as a global accountability push

The Drawdown's weekly selection of ESG news for private equity readers

LPs urged to join human rights alliance

Church-backed scheme sees light as investors struggle to act on the ‘S’ of ESG

Institutional investors, including those backing private equity, are struggling to measure human rights performance

Set in stone: ESG in the LPA

Is private equity ready to commit to legally-binding ESG goals?

ESG policies in the LPA

MiFID II for Private Equity: Best Execution

Changes to best execution obligations under MiFID II require GPs to update policies to ensure all possible steps are taken

Best execution

Green numbers: Measuring ESG value

Is private equity able and willing to quantify ESG’s impact on returns?

ESG is increasingly seen as a value-creating strategy for private equity

UN: Long-term investment vital for achieving sustainability goals

Report warns corporates against short-termist backers, helping build the case for an ESG-attuned private equity

Long-term asset classes such as private equity are well suited to deliver SDGs

Green finance push marred by corporate opacity

One-in-two investors polled for HSBC worldwide rue low climate disclosure by companies

Private equity is increasingly keen on green investments

Super software solutions

Emerging software solutions created by private equity professionals could see the industry’s major hurdles quickly removed

Private equity firms’ day on the big stage

Complexities of annual general meetings have increased as private equity has grown

Crash Course: Is private equity ready for choppy waters?

Have lessons from 2008 been remembered well enough to protect the industry from the next downturn?

New AI tool for spotting regulatory conflicts launches

Waymark Tech’s new tool identifies crossovers and conflicts between various regulations

Swedish Church Pension’s SRI policy challenges PE investing

Kyrkans Penionskassa’s new sustainability policy could make it more difficult to invest in private equity