Fund Structuring

Beechbrook sets up shop in Ireland

UK-headquartered SME lender hires two to lead office meant to ensure post-Brexit EU access

Jersey AIFs keep up momentum

Island’s private placement regime posts growth as UK GPs brace for post-Brexit cut-off

Operational leaders get involved as fund restructurings take flight

The evolving secondary market requires more operational involvement

BVI spruces up Limited Partnership Act to better serve funds

Ogier partner Michael Killourhy on the BVI’s new LP Act

Guernsey funds AuM growth continues

NAV grew to £269bn in the 12 months ending Q3 2017

ILPA releases PE Model Subscription Agreement

The MSA aims to improve clarity and reduce legal costs for fundraising

Private equity appointment

Waking up to climate change: day-to-day considerations

Climate change risk adds to increasing reporting requirements

Climate change risk up reporting requirements

Profile: EQT’s head of fund management, Peter Veldman

Q&A with Peter Veldman, EQT’s head of fund management

Tower joins Aztec

Aztec’s UK onshore practice continues to grow in-line with more demand

Jim Whittingham, Director, Paul Harrison, Head of Private Equity - UK and Dean Tower, Associate Director (left to right).

Destination: Domicile

The Drawdown presents a guide to key fund destinations for GPs mulling a post-Brexit trip

The Drawdown presents a guide to the key fund jurisdictions for private equity after Brexit

Fund domiciling post-Brexit: Cayman Islands

Will the Caribbean archipelago become more popular among European GPs?

The Drawdown looks into the Cayman Islands as a post-Brexit private equity fund jurisdiction

Fund domiciling post-Brexit: The Netherlands

Dutch regulators appear to be in no rush to lure fund managers to the country

The Drawdown looks into the Netherlands as a post-Brexit private equity fund jurisdiction

Fund domiciling post-Brexit: Luxembourg

Will the Grand Duchy succeed in its bid to become the go-to onshore jurisdiction?

The Drawdown looks into Luxembourg as a post-Brexit private equity fund jurisdiction

Fund domiciling post-Brexit: The UK

The country’s status as fund base faces an uncertain fate

Fund domiciling post-Brexit: Ireland

Ireland is set to become a compelling post-Brexit destination for PE funds

Fund domiciling post-Brexit: Channel Islands

Jersey and Guernsey’s positioning as offshore financial centres explains a long-standing history as jurisdiction for GPs

MJ Hudson opens in Luxembourg amid Brexit uncertainty

Research carried out by the firm concludes the UK will no longer be attractive for the industry following Brexit

Super software solutions

Emerging software solutions created by private equity professionals could see the industry’s major hurdles quickly removed